If and only if

If I got a chance, I would really want to be a student again. Rewind three  years back.
I admit I’m a little bit jealous to those who got a chance to continue their study full-time in UK. I know I should not but Ya Rabbi, I seriously cannot help it. Mainly because I miss UK tremendously and another thing is I miss how simple life is as a student in UK.
Sincerely, I don’t feel satisfied working and staying here back in my hometown. I want more than this! I just want to study! Full-time! And fully sponsored.
If and only if I can get a sponsor before, I would have stayed. Am a bit regret that I didn’t  apply though. 3 years for not going home makes me think wanna  go home straight away after graduation  and plus boyfriend was home too!
I should have think thoroughly eh? But it’s too late now.

Ya Allah, I’m complaining to much! I am sorry. I should be grateful. When I read back what I wrote above, I had this little teary at the corner of my eyes. MasyaAllah!
I am comparing myself to others. Qada’ & Qadar. Allah has planned everything good for you Maryam, InsyaAllah. Trust Him. Read the Quran, Maryam. InsyaAllah.

Toodles! Xx


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