Marriage advice

I’ve reading about marriage tips lately and I am really in love with these advises:  

– you are a team. it’s important to root for each other and remember that you’re playing for the same side.
– laugh. laugh as much as possible.
– communicate. talk to each other. turn off the tv and put down that smart phone.
– listen carefully. don’t interrupt. it’s important to be heard.
– go to bed angry. so many people advise against this, but i’m telling you, sleep. most likely you both need it and there’s nothing a good nights rest can’t help. discuss it in the morning over breakfast or coffee. most likely you won’t be as angry as the night before. you may not even remember what you were mad about.
– do your own thing and let him or her do theirs. have hobbies that your spouse has zero interest in. have some separate friends. it’s okay and will keep you happy, healthy and sane.
– don’t sweat the small stuff. it’s no fun being nitpicked.
– dance in the kitchen. trust me on this one.
– appreciate one another and tell each other so.
– travel. either to a different city, a different state or a different country. create memories together. you will never say, “oh i wish we never would’ve spent that money on that wonderful trip to mexico.”
– don’t compare your marriage to their marriage. ever. no relationship is the same and every relationship has issues.
– keep working on your marriage. think of your relationship as a house. you need to keep it clean, fix things that break and continue to make it a home, so it doesn’t start to fall apart.
– kiss often.


InsyaAllah I will take note on this and will come back to this post when I feel like smacking Ameerul’s head. LOLs joking ok people!





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