Don’t sell what you’re selling, SHARE!


Well hello lovely people!

This weekend my schedule is packed! Alhamdulillah for the rezeki that you grant us (my husband and I) Ya Allah. We managed to attend the great Marketing Expert in Asia, Dr Haji Azizan Osman from Friday to this coming Sunday. MasyaAllah, I’ve learned A LOT! And it is literally A LOT like the kind of when I reached home, after having my shower and isyak prayer, I did not had any ‘apology routine’ with Ameerul like we always do before we sleep.

Ok, lemme tell you one thing that I learned from the awesome ‘seminar’. It is by SHARING. If you have any products or services, don’t straight away push away your prospects by selling. Instead, make them come to you. Let them know what they don’t know by using the right term, the right punchline and make them think. Share with them the good stuffs (sometimes bad)! When you share doesn’t mean they have to buy. They just need to know. Why they should know? So that they can let other people know when:  let’s say they were having a conversation with their acquaintance relating to your product. Bam!! They were talking about you! Can’t you see the marketing is going right there?! If they ask how can I get this product or service eh? Well well, smile and tell them that you have what they’re looking for.

Ain’t it easy peasy? I have never thought of this till today. It is as simple as sharing cos everybody loves to listen to any story.

Till next time. Toodles!! Xx