A year after

Established since 27th September 2014.

Alhamdulillah we survived! *phew* although we did fought many times and make up a gazillion times we still find new things about us. Not to mention that I have no idea that he is extremely patient while I am super duper clingy! Gosh! Obsessive wife syndrome I guess.

I remembered in the morning of our anniversary, I was moody and everything doesn’t seems right. Whatever he did, I will find it very wrong. He was being so charming and put up to my bitterness. But me, super diva attitude! I know I hate myself too. Tsk. I wanted to go out and celebrate our day but he just want to chill and relaxed at home watching movies, talk and you know just be at our intimate moment. Isn’t he more romantic? Yes! I put on tantrum not wanting anything and making faces (I hate it that I admit this). I didn’t tell him exactly what I want and expect him to read my mind and know my intention and everything! Tsk.

Fast forward later that night, we did went out for coffee and cake at nearby cafe. It was good that finally I got what I want. Hahah.


It has been 365 days! I am glad that I said yes to you and decided to make you my forever always, Alhamdulillah. Thank you for always putting up with me and being very patience with my annoyance 😝 I promise you that I still, surprisingly fall for you everyday! In you, I’ve found the love of my life and the closest truest friend. I love you, my best friend, my roommate, my husband.

I love you,






My Goodness!!


Seriously I am suffering from a severe illness. Procrastinating! Since my last post, I just don’t feel like writing and when I do, I have it all in my mind and drafting it all at the back of my head! *pfft* like I ever going to write! But today, it was different. A dear friend been asking me how am I doing and it hits me.

I didn’t update her most of the thing because;

  1. I totally forgot!
  2. I don’t want to bore her with my where and about.
  3. I’d rather update her via our FaceTime session which happens maybe once every two months.
  4. Or maybe, I am just lazy. Oklah oklah, Im lazy actually.

So, i had a thought after my subuh  prayer this morning, I said to myself,

“Maryam, why don’t you just update your blog? Its not for anyone or anything in particular, its about you! You are the one who is going to look back on your blog in the future and read through and have some memories to share with. Maybe it can also be your reference in the future!”

So here I am writing it down for my future self. To remind, cherish and simply remember what I used to have. Its going to be for me. Yeah!!

But before I do this, I need a scanner or a new phone so that I can update this space, huh? See??!! Procrastinate lagi!!! Urggghh!!

Talk to you in a bit!

Love, Mary.