Of being pregnant and giving birth

It has been ages since my last update. Been constantly having the idea of writing in my mind, the pouring words that gushing in makes me eager to write in but…. (there’s always excuses huh??) whenever I switch on my Mac, I tend to open my regular tabs and I’ll end up tired and super lazy. LOLs.

Ok, as some of my friends or you know, I was pregnant 7 months (35 weeks) ago and I recently (20 days ago to be exact!) gave birth to a beautiful healthy little girl. Alhamdulillah! Since I am now in my confinement period, I have some (or too much) free time to update from the beginning of my pregnancy up until birthing my beautiful Ameena 🙂

SubhanAllah, praised the Almighty. Thank you Allah for the abundance of rizq that you have poured in my life and family. Alhamdulillah. xx





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