The stick(s)

*This post consists of pictures and some explanations which some of you finds it inappropriate. Carry on skip this one. This is my story and please, only good comments are allowed as this post will be read by Ameena Zahara  later.*


Since before we got married, both me and Ameerul has agreed that we will only trying to have baby after we have celebrated our one year anniversary. Confidently reminding each other and telling myself that that is the best decision for both of us! Chill dulu, honeymoon dulu!

The idea of having a baby is really scares us considering we are not that financially ready, we still wants to be more aggressive in our business endeavour and also, we have made plans that 2016 will be our travelling year! (Not that by getting pregnant you cannot go traveling, no). Of course we can only plan and Allah is the best planner.

I was never late on my period and it has always been 26 days cycle! Even it was only a day late, you have no idea how nervous I was! Bought THE stick on the next day (7/12/15) and pee on it. There was a faint line and Ameerul was saying ‘ummm, sorry baby you’re not pregnant.’ (He checked the line for me cos you know, I was too nervous I can’t even look at it)And I was like, ‘oh great! ok then. Esok I period kot..’

The next day (8/12/15), still am not satisfied. Bought the stick again (this time I bought a different one!), pee on it and wait for a good 20 minutes. Before I look at the line, I did some research through instagram using #pregnancytest (what else). Read one by one and most of the captions and comments we saying that, ‘Congratulations, you’re pregnant!’ Told myself cannot be because the line is super duper faint. waited for Ameerul to arrive home from work and told him, ‘B, I think I’m pregnant laa..’ and he was like ‘are you sure? How do you know?’ showed him the instagram hashtag and we were looking at each other don’t know what  to say, lying on the bed staring at the ceiling. That speechless!! Let me tell you, whatever they shown in the movie are all lies! LOLs.

It took us THREE pregnancy test to confirm and to accept that we are pregnant! Hahaha.. I cried at first because what we have planned for 2016 gotta be delayed or not gonna happen ever but Ameerul was being so sweet. He told me, ‘It’s ok, there will be other rizq for us and who knows we will be happier with HIS plan. We will go through this together.’ After that, of course we are happy.. But definitely worried.



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