Of being pregnant and giving birth

It has been ages since my last update. Been constantly having the idea of writing in my mind, the pouring words that gushing in makes me eager to write in but…. (there’s always excuses huh??) whenever I switch on my Mac, I tend to open my regular tabs and I’ll end up tired and super lazy. LOLs.

Ok, as some of my friends or you know, I was pregnant 7 months (35 weeks) ago and I recently (20 days ago to be exact!) gave birth to a beautiful healthy little girl. Alhamdulillah! Since I am now in my confinement period, I have some (or too much) free time to update from the beginning of my pregnancy up until birthing my beautiful Ameena 🙂

SubhanAllah, praised the Almighty. Thank you Allah for the abundance of rizq that you have poured in my life and family. Alhamdulillah. xx




A year after

Established since 27th September 2014.

Alhamdulillah we survived! *phew* although we did fought many times and make up a gazillion times we still find new things about us. Not to mention that I have no idea that he is extremely patient while I am super duper clingy! Gosh! Obsessive wife syndrome I guess.

I remembered in the morning of our anniversary, I was moody and everything doesn’t seems right. Whatever he did, I will find it very wrong. He was being so charming and put up to my bitterness. But me, super diva attitude! I know I hate myself too. Tsk. I wanted to go out and celebrate our day but he just want to chill and relaxed at home watching movies, talk and you know just be at our intimate moment. Isn’t he more romantic? Yes! I put on tantrum not wanting anything and making faces (I hate it that I admit this). I didn’t tell him exactly what I want and expect him to read my mind and know my intention and everything! Tsk.

Fast forward later that night, we did went out for coffee and cake at nearby cafe. It was good that finally I got what I want. Hahah.


It has been 365 days! I am glad that I said yes to you and decided to make you my forever always, Alhamdulillah. Thank you for always putting up with me and being very patience with my annoyance 😝 I promise you that I still, surprisingly fall for you everyday! In you, I’ve found the love of my life and the closest truest friend. I love you, my best friend, my roommate, my husband.

I love you,





How To Create A Successful Family Monthly Budgeting

Dear Readers,

Have you ever have the urge of keeping your monthly expenses as what you have planned at the beginning of the month? Well, new year is tomorrow and I thought why not I give all my viewers a new year ‘gift’ just to prepare for an exciting 2015.

As you all know from my previous post – I would like to share the spreadsheet which I got it from here. It is completely formatted in Excel and contains a complete year’s worth of monthly spreadsheets. You can simply save the original file and use again year after year.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 8.45.10 PM

Of course I made some amendment here and there to cater my needs. Perhaps you could also get the benefits that I got from the spreadsheet and please amend it to your needs too!!

Therefore, if you need the spreadsheet – please leave your email in the comment column and I will definitely send you the file. You may ask me any questions related to the excel file for my guidance at anytime!


Hope you like the gift!

Toodles! xx



Hello Readers,

As a newlyweds, it is so important to get off on the right foot financially, true? Have you ever wonder, how do most of the people do their financial budgeting? How can they sustain their financial without having to pinch their wallet? Let me tell you, before I was married, truth is I am a big spender and I barely have my own saving let alone nothing in my emergency money! A few months before we tied the knot, I have come to my realisation that I need to do something with my bad habit of spending and no saving. This old habit got to go!

Well ladies (some mens too), I have found an easy way how to do your simple budgeting called the ‘Money Game’. This budgeting can be use to yourself, your partnership business or your company!

1. Necessity Fund – Take 55% off your salary

  • This is to spend on how to support yourself like paying the bills, buy groceries, give some money to your parents and also to spend on your cars.

2. Long Term Saving Fund – Take 10% off your salary

  • This is to allocate some money for your future. Remember the slogan, ‘out of sight, out of mind’? Yes, put it somewhere out of reach like Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB), Takaful, Tabung Haji, etc..

3. Education Fund – Take 10% off your salary

  • This is for yourself and not education fund for your children! Remember, regardless how old we are, education is priority, Spend this fund to attend seminar or classes in order to enhance your knowledge.

4. Fun Fund – Take 10% off your salary

  • Take 5% to spend it now like buy yourself a pair of shoes, a beautiful dress or anything that your hear desire. Another 5% is for your holiday. This fund need to be use or you may keep it until you reached your target what to buy using this fund.

5. Financial Freedom Fund – Take 10% (or more) off your salary

  • This is for future investment like Unit Trust. With this fund you for to plan on how many years you want to be financial freedom. Will explain further what Financial Freedom in my future post.

6. Charity Fund – Take 5% off your salary

  • This is a must spend fund too. Something good will happen in your life if you reaching out for the unfortunate. Helping others can create an improved sense of well-being. Knowing that you sacrificed your finances n order to help others in need can give you a sense of purpose in life and inner satisfaction. A plus point, it is tax deductible.

Well, I hope that with this post I help you out on how to spend wisely and not having the same problem like myself previously. Let me share you a quote by Warren Buffett; Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.

Till next time,

Toodles!! xx

Dear Boss, You Are Fired!

Hi there!

Some of you who know me knows that I have quit my job for two and a half months now. Many people thinks it is due to I’m getting married at that time and assuming that I’m looking for another job. Well, no. I am not looking at all! Some said I am crazy, some said I am wasting my degree and some even said I am just being lazy. How I wish I can just lying around doing nothing.. For now, let just say I am currently working on a new project with my Ameerul and we both hope, InsyaAllah that this huge sacrifice that I make would make a difference for our small little family.

All I ask is for all of you to make a dua for me to achieve what we have target, make it easy for both of us to go through the ups and downs together and InsyaAllah to be humble when both of us have reached the top. InsyaAllah.

Same passion but different taste

Same passion but different taste

*picture was taken a day after being TheAmeeruls (“,)

Think that’s all for now.

Toodles! xx