Yesterday, 24th March 2104 – I felt so frustrated, sorrow and bitter with the news.


1. Pak Andak passed away yesterday night at 11.30pm. I was shocked when I received the news via whatsapp from mak. Was told that he was never sick. Before Asar prayer, he went into the washroom to take his ablution and he fell. Unconscious and was brought to Hospital Pontian by ambulance. Before Maghrib he was again been brought to Hospital Sultanah Aminah for further examination since in Pontian the expertise was a little bit limited. Mak and ayah went to the hospital after their Asmaul’ Husna. Was told that he complained that he felt the pain right at his back and the nurse given him the pain killer which literally ‘kill’ him. MasyaAllah. Thought that pain killer was too strong from him. CPR was held for 1.5 hours and doctor confirmed his death. Its his ajal and his qada’ and qadar. I pray that he will be place together with the pious and may he rest in peace with blessings from Allah. InsyaAllah.

2. Was religiously follows the MH370 updates in the news. Last night press conference with PM Najib at 10pm – he announced that flight MH370 was ended in South Indian Ocean. I felt so numb and speechless when heard the news. Was so upset with the government at first (will talk about it later, insyaAllah) but then when I thought about it, no use.My condolences to the families who are affected. After the announcement was made, PM Najib said please respect the families and if the media have queries, hope that they can ask during the press conference held in the morning after. Fair enough. This noon during the press conference, Hishamudin told the media there was no debris found yet but the news was coming from UK Satellite. So confusing. But I understand. It has been 17days yesterday and they were pushed by many to announce. Will definitely do the follow up writing on this here in Lepug.

3. My deepest and heartfelt agony was 529 death sentence for my brothers in Egypt. Allahuakbar! The verdict was made by judge Saeed Elgazar (the most controversial judge) just because of one policeman was killed during the protests last June 2013. Never in a right mind of a man can think of one policeman was killed by 529 people? Seriously??!! Where are justice?? Where is OIC? Where is UN? Where is our media? There was little coverage with regards to this ‘open to public massacre’! To my surprise, even the lawyer who defend these people also was sentence to death for being complicity. In the name of Allah, how can that be accepted?? – “They can kill Muslims but they can never kill Islam” InsyaAllah.

Heartbreaking news makes me feel so restless and it really awakes me that Allah is the biggest super power and nothing can stop HIM when he said ‘kun fa ya kun’. Ya Allah, Ya Rabbi, please place these people near to you in the hereafter and rest them in peace while waiting for us in Masyar Day, InsyaAllah.

I, myself need to do some ‘cleanse’ as I too have sins. MasyaAllah.


On a lighter note: Ayid’s (my brother) birthday was yesterday. Did treat him a nice dinner (just me and him) on 23rd. Sorry Ayid, got no time yet to celebrate. But don’t you be sad, we will celebrate your birthday soon! A nice dinner again with mak and ayah perhaps? 😉


Toodles xx