I seriously feel very guilty right now. Had all carbs for berbuka today and I ate like I’ve been in a war craving for food, like I’ve never seen those spaghetti, had that oily yummy food! OMG!! Also, I feel very guilty for nor properly workout since I got back home last year. MasyaAllah, I am back to my old size, old weight! I seriously need to change my food intake and workout like I was back in UK.  The question is, HOW? I literally can’t say no to ANY food! I took everything! I am surrounded by food. I just don’t have the will. Help me please 😦

Here’s a plan – Tomorrow I’m going to eat only dates for sahur and drink plenty f water. Then after work, I am going to do squats, burpee, jumping jack and plank. Buka, only eat half a plate! drink water! Then terawih. OK, that sounds like a good plan. I promise myself I would do it!