I’ve decided, I’m going to tell the world!

I am happy, I am proud and cannot wait to tell the world!

I’m getting engaged on 28th December 2013 and my wedding day will be nine months later – 27th September 2013!!!!

Oh my God!! Its my dream 🙂 

So, I will do countdown here in ‘Lepug’ till my big day, InsyaAllah. 

I hope this journey will be smooth and always in HIS blessings, JazzakAllah.


Toodles! xx


It’s not gonna be long


One week of holiday clearly not enough.Been busy keeping up with my social life. Sleep in late every night (not complaining though) but I must tell you it is totally with it!
Seeing datuk everyday is always a pleasure. He is being himself – sweet, loving, funny and everything nice lah!
We were planning our life together and also, our lovely friends were discussing about our wedding.
Honestly, I am excited!

Toodles! Xx

Wedding bell rings!

I love him.

Lets’ call him – datuk 

Discussion between two families will be in Syawal (parents meeting) but I am surely feel  so excited! Well, honestly ayah is much more excited than I am. Why? He’s been searching wedding halls in JB – which I told him it has to be air-conditioned. Chill ayah! 

This post (and future posts) going to be my some kind of Wedding Journal *raised eyebrow*  which I would love for it to be in written, recorded and every moments captured. I want to remember each and every single thing that I, my family, my friends, datuk, datuk’s family and everyone have put efforts into our wedding. InsyaAllah.

That’s all for now,


Toodles! xx